My Best Virtual Pet App Talking Tom Cat

If you are an ardent fan of fur and purr, Talking Tom Cat might have been one of your favorite virtual pet games. My Talking Tom is yet another game offered by Outfit7 in Talking Tom franchise, full of fun and new tricks. My Talking Tom features the star of the other two games, Talking Tom Cat and Talking Tom Cat 2. Your main task is to keep this furry being happy and content by feeding him, playing with him, petting him (in the right spot!), taking him to the bathroom and petting him to sleep.

The game’s basic functions are almost the same as the former games. But My Talking Tom takes things a little further with a variety of new activities and gives you a better chance to interact with your feline friend.

My Best Virtual Pet App Talking Tom Cat

Just like in Talking Tom Cat, the new game offers you to do all the major Tom Cat antics like repetition of what you say in a voice that’s very high pitched and touching him in numerous ways and enjoying its reactions. The significant change is observed in the format of My Talking Tom game; it now feels more like a virtual pet game, like Pou. You can now do a lot of different things with Tom like play mini-games, decorate Tom’s house according to your liking, change the cat’s appearance and choose different food.

In the latest updates, you can also create hilarious videos of Tom and the feline’s innumerable tricks to share with your friends and circle around you. This offer is available for only Android 4.1 and onward.

If you want to purchase new stuff in My Talking Tom app, you will have to use game coins, which are earned as you progress in the game. These coins can also be bought. The leveling-up system of the game helps you to unlock new items from the store and you find new objects. It also increases your rank and it solely depends on how much time you spend with your beloved Tom. You also have a great chance to earn coins through mini-games like whack a mole. These coins assist you in satisfying Tom’s needs.

Meeting and satisfying Tom’s needs are the main goal of the game, similar to Pou and tamagotchis. These needs can be seen at the bottom of the screen, represented in the form of a meter. The meter slowly depletes and should be filled again in order to keep Tom happy and active. It has also received high rating reviews at, a digital site. After every action is performed, you will see a decrease in the meter. This principle is easy to understand and is demonstrated the first time you play my Talking Tom.

There are four needs that you have to work on: food, which is refilled by dropping food items in Tom’s mouth; entertainment, which is refilled by playing mini-games with Tom or petting it; tiredness, which can be replenished by making Tom go to sleep by turning the light out and bladder, which is refilled by talking the cat to toilet.

The overall graphics and the squeaky voice of Tom are not so different from the former games and there is no sign of other friends of Tom like Talking Ben the Dog or Talking Angela.

My Talking Tom is available for both iOS and Android systems and is a fantastic game to pass your time joyfully.

Pet Adoption on Social Media

Lost Pet on Social Media

Many regional animal shelters look toward social media in order to get help for the abandoned and stranded animals. The animal shelters spread a word about homeless dogs, cats, and other varieties of pets by posting information about the animal, the picture and location. You’d have come across various such posts on different social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

Susan Kissell adopted an adorable German shepherd mix who was named Jimmy through a Facebook message that required an urgent adoption. The message itself was very strong to prompt this decision but Susan says “there was something about them eyes that did it.”

There are various standardized organizations that work to provide foster homes for pets like Maddie’s Fund and The Shelter Pet Project. They collect selected photos and stories about many pets up for adoption from around the country and then share them on the social networking sites.
Lost Pet on Social Media

According to Petfinder, which is included among the best databases for pet findings, sharing plays a great role to enhance the chances of finding the perfect owner for the perfect pet instantly. Engagement factor is important so that the post reaches as many people as possible. The amount of engagement depends on sharing the post and the number of audience, not the count of likes! is a fantastic website which will help you start up your own pet adoption page on Facebook. They also provide excellent SEO expertise so that the homeless animals find true owners real quick and efficiently. has good experience in this regard and they’ll make this daunting task much easier and smooth for you.

The most important point to consider is to add the basic information like contact numbers, name of organization which you represent, working hours, a link to the website and location. You can add the information about the adoption policies if you do not have a website. The complete information should be accurate and inform the group when you post the information. There will be an increased number of calls so everyone should be ready!

The best way to start an adoption post is to add a beautiful photograph of the animal along with information about the pet. This photograph is circulated and shared throughout the internet on various social media forums thus it should be interesting and intriguing. Post a short story to go along with it and describes the bets characteristics of the animal. The best qualities should be mentioned like an amazing ability or trick, the nature of the pet, the temperament, majestic fur or purr and a lot more. Be creative and try to appeal the people toward the cute animals. You have to sound urgent but not hysterical! The photographs should convey positivity. Take the photos when the animal is busy playing or cuddled or looking at you with puppy eyes. Short videos also do wonders in getting good foster homes for the pets.

Once you find a good home for the pet, close the loop by thanking the people who have strived to share your post among masses with a happy face of the pet!

Dogs and Cats Deserve a Caring Home

Dogs and Cats Deserve a Caring Home

Animals are the essential part of the world and without them the beauty of the earth isn’t same as it is now. Though, every living thing deserves kindness and affection, but the matter gets slightly serious when you talk about the pet like cats and dogs as they are like your own family members. There is no doubt in saying that every cat and dog deserve a caring home irrespective of their color and race. Unfortunately, it has become a perception that only attractive and beautiful animals with a special characteristic can become a pet and it’s the only reason that you see wandering normal animals in the streets and gorgeous animals at home.
Dogs and Cats Deserve a Caring Home

Dogs and cats are sincere and intelligent animals which can play with you, entertain you from cute acts, secure your home, and eliminate the loneliness factor from your home. A caring home can save them from getting injured, becoming the victim of a fatal disease and prevent them dying from hunger. The food they eat isn’t expensive. Neither they use too many resources,  nor take much space of your home, but give you immense love and care in return. Research has proved that the people with pets are happier and more satisfied than those who don’t keep pet.

The presence of caring home is beneficial for both human beings and animals. Pet associations and welfare services should devise effective pet protection laws which ensure the basic rights of pets and save them from violence and tortures. There is a need of opening caring centers and shelters where all basic needs and requirements these pets are fulfilled including medicine, food, and vaccination. A serious step should be taken due to the following reasons.

  1. Save animal and human beings from fatal disease like rabies
  2. Prevent the animal from becoming the part of the accident
  3. Help the injured animal to recover soon

The pet centers should encourage people to adopt and take care of these animals and inform them about the benefits they get from their presence. Even after the adoption, the management of the center should restrict the pet owner to take the animals to the hospital for a proper medical checkup, especially for oral dental health and vaccination. Moreover, the pet owner should get proper training about the common issues and diseases in the pet and the frequent symptoms that shouldn’t be taken non-serious.

The presence of dog decreases the chances of cancer and various allergies as the dogs have the ability to detect the cancer cells and many dog owners claimed that their dog sniffed and licked the spots which later turned into cancerous cells. Similarly, keeping a cat as a pet lowers the risks of heart attack, let you do more exercise and its presence also reflects the softer side of your personality. Both cats and dogs are the best companions of the human being who always get ready to help you in your daily tasks and also become a cause of your smile.